Work With Loretta 1-on-1

Work With Loretta 1-on-1

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BOSS Girl Business Planning & Development

Business Planning 

The “On The Market” is Collaborations +Business Planning at it’s peak with Consultant, Loretta Rose designed and developed to help you succeed & sustain in the Business Planning Phase of your business. Starting with a custom online business planning store for Entrepreneurs to create & select for the perfect business planning, mentoring, & consultations. 


Project Management

Project Management 

If you ARE READY TO MANAGE your own Projects… from Small Scale, Large Scale, or Business Wide.

Website Management & Site Design

Website Management 

The YOU, The Ultimate Project Website Management Program is designed to help you connect, create, and grow your business, your products, and your brand… by CELEBRATING Life & Business YOUR Style!

HOW IT WORKS – Very EASY + QUICK process… GET STARTED TODAY & Your Website will be up and running within 24 hours!  




The Daily  BOSS Digital Magazine

Digital Magazine: Entrepreneur Spotlight About YOUR Business & Vision

The Daily  BOSS Digital Magazine  providing Entrepreneurial Empowerment,  Corporate Training Solutions, and Mentoring.  

Our Mission  is to Inspire, Empower, Educate, and Network with All Women, Working  Women, Women Entrepreneurs, Women who are passionately trying to reach  their goals, dreams, and follow the vision they desire to be successful.

We Believe  that YOU are Designed for a purpose, with a unique set of skills,  talents, passions, and dreams that are etched inside of your soul &  essence of who you are. This Network was created to help you step out on  faith, research your idea, set goals, brand yourself and your talent,  and inspire you follow your dreams.


PowerShots by The Daily BOSS

PowerShots by The Daily BOSS 


“HELLO ME” Upper Body Power Shot

“HELLO ME” Full Body Shot

The Working Place | Team Building

The Working Place

The Working Place is designed for Entrepreneurs to discover, design, & develop an environment where staff, employees, & team members thrive with employee goal setting, diverse team management programs, and educational growth opportunities.

The BOSS Mom Life

The BOSS Mom Life  

Hey BOSS Moms Let’s CELEBRATE YOUR Lifestyle!

It’s About CELEBRATING Life YOUR Style while you accomplish YOUR Goals, YOUR Vision, YOUR Business … While Being a BOSS Mom!


Marriage & The Business

Marriage & The Business 

Balancing Being A Daily BOSS + Wife + Life

This Series is about being an Entrepreneur + Wife + Managing your Daily Lifestyle. 

Marriage is our first priority… some of us even are married + are business partners with our spouse and work alongside them daily. Some of us are traveling while our spouse remains at home. 

Balancing Business –  General business trends are where a spouse provides background support to the spouse that is the entrepreneur.. however… there are long hours in the business life as an entrepreneur. In This SEGMENT we will work through Balance of the time management. 


Corporate Solutions

Corporate Solutions 

Strategic Planning

Individual|30 Day Engagement|1 Hour Sessions    Bi-Weekly|On-Site or Off-Site $420

Business |30 Day Engagement|1 Hour Sessions  Bi-Weekly |On-Site or Off-Site $2220

Project Management 

Providing Project Management for short-term projects,long-term projects, Special Projects from End-to-End, Back-Fill an Engagement, Project Oversight, and Project Consulting. 

Change Management

Providing organizational Change Management for short-term projects,long-term projects, Special change Initiatives from End-to-End, Back-Fill an Engagement, Change Management, Oversight, New User Training & Development, Training Labs, and New User “hand-off” Consulting.