The Daily Brunch


The Daily Brunch!

How important is it to have a place to Brunch with your friends, family, co-workers, and where you can renew your daily routine with a good southern style meal, whether you are VEGAN, ORGANIC, or GLUTEN-FREE with fresh local food markets and local fresh food growers? 

I grew up being taught by my family that Life is about good people, good health, good faith, and good food! The love for fresh, wholesome, natural good food has been a part of me since I can remember… and once I started my own family, it became the way of life to give them everything that is good!


I am not much of a “Fast Foodie”… but I am more of a “Good Foodie”…. meaning, what goes in should be good to you and good for you! For years I’ve been cooking for my family, extended family, events, and friends… and One Day I had the “Ah Ha” Moment… Brunch is Bomb! I fell in love with the timing of preparing meal for others during the time of after breakfast, but before dinner & supper. We are more than thrilled to be opening in the Summer time Season.


The Daily Brunch Catered Meals will be providing brunch time service, good meals, coffee, table linen products, and a selection of fresh roses.

The Daily BOSS Brunch Menu is created with A Southern Style Goodness that including these delicious meals plus more:

  • Southern Fried Chicken & Waffles
  • Classic Fresh Locally Grown Vegetables
  • Fresh Grilled Corn***Seasonal
  • Our Signature 5 Jack Mack & Cheese
  • Our Signature BBQ Pork Shoulder Plate with OUR Signature VIBE Sauce
  • Super Size Slices of decadent Cakes & Deep Dish Pies
  • Fresh Brewed Teas & Lemonades: Strawberry Lemonade + Blackberry Lemonade

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Until Next Time,

Celebrate Your Work Life… with Style



The Dressed 365 Studio Suites Available!


The Dressed 365 Studio Suites Available!

Welcoming VIP Concierge Service for YOU & Your Business

We are a dedicated & inspiring team that takes pride in helping you build your business, thrive, network, & grow with a personal “Working Place” Plan customized for YOU & Your business as a Fashion or Beauty Entrepreneur.

The Dressed365 Studio concierge team welcomes you with a favorable, enthusiastic, and encouraging atmosphere and provides the following complimentary amenities + concierge including:

  • Daily Brunch Bar | Coffee Bar
  • Receiving Packages for tenants
  • Print + Copy Center + Mail Station
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi Connections
  • Suite housekeeping & maintenance
  • Complimentary Beauty|Towel Package
  • Complimentary Fashion |Sewing Package
  • Comfortable Lobby & Waiting Area for guests
  • The“Working Place” Monthly Team Building Sessions
  • Concierge included in Weekly|Monthly fee
  • Escorting guests within the building
  • Weekly Newsletter from Dressed365 Studio Suites
  • Friendly Front-desk guest reception & escorting guests
  • Business Empowerment workshops, webinars, & networking events

Studio Locations: 1st Location OPENING SOON in Winston-Salem, NC June 2018!

Limited Suites Available! First Come|First Serve Basis

For More Information Contact us Today At (855) 267-7464 or at



Website Management


And…… NOW You have STEPPED OUT ON FAITH As An Entrepreneur……. Started Your Own Business…. So Let YOUR LIGHT Truly ✨Shine! With WEBSITE MANAGEMENT by @dailybossnetwork 💫EASY As 1-2-3! SIMPLY SELECT YOUR PLAN & You Will be UP & RUNNING within 24HRS☀️

The YOU, The Ultimate Project Website Management Program is designed to help you connect, create, and grow your business, your products, and your brand… by CELEBRATING Life & Business YOUR Style!

HOW IT WORKS – Very EASY + QUICK process… GET STARTED TODAY & Your Website will be up and running within 24 hours!  




MONTHLY PLANS – You can rest easy with your website to be managed throughout the month with the best plan & package that fits your lifestyle, budget, and requirements. Depends on what you need and your business needs you an select from the various plans & packages: 

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JOIN FREE! This WEEK ONLY| Ends 5/8/18

JOIN FREE! This WEEK ONLY| Ends 5/8/18

free 1

TENACITY is YOUR Birthright…

You may not get EVERYTHING  right ALL the time… And it may take a few tries before it’s a  SUCCESS! But … Give Yourself some slack My Dear.. Your BOUNCE BACK  & COMEBACK is the Reward for your Courage, and continuing to walking  in your destiny. YOUR SUCCESS is not wrapped up in what people say  about YOU!

And no matter what … DON’T GIVE UP! Your Business is YOUR Vision!

Each Step leads  you to the Launching Pad for your GREATEST promotion in YOUR LIFE…. JOIN in THE Daily BOSS Network with other Women in  Business, Working Women, Working Moms, and Women With Ultimate GOALS  & Start Your Journey to “CELEBRATE LIFE YOUR STYLE” 


Membership Benefits Include:

  • Membership****FREE! This WEEK ONLY | 1 YEAR 
  • Regular Fee $25 Per Person|PROMO Ends May 8th, 2018!
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VIP EMPOWERMENT 2018 Executive Assistant | Cassandra Lakin

VIP EMPOWERMENT 2018 Executive Assistant | Cassandra Lakin



It’s Time to CELEBRATE LIFE YOUR STYLE✨💫JOIN Cassandra Lakin, VIP EMPOWERMENT Team Executive Assistant|Angel Sponsor With The DAILY BOSS NETWORK Women’s Weekends This Summer 2018! 

Because YOU Are PURPOSELY Walking IN YOUR DESTINY …. Dates>>>> JUNE 23 | JULY 21 | AUGUST 25…. LAKE NORMAN, NC ….

Cassandra is a Business Owner | Consultant of San Cole Consultants

The Daily BOSS Network Online Academy

The Daily BOSS Network Online Academy


The Daily BOSS Network Online Academy

INTRODUCING ✨The NEW! Daily BOSS Network Online Academy within The Daily BOSS Network…… Integrated Environment & Collaborations….. AND Our Fabulous “YOU, The Ultimate Project” designed as an online integrated learning environment with LUNCH & LEARN Sessions, Consultations, Group Sessions, and 1-ON-1 collaboration.

Additionally, if YOU are a GOLD Member, you will also benefit from the opportunity to engage with The Daily BOSS Network Founder, Loretta Rose as your Strategic Mentor| Business Consultant through The Business Development Programs for women in Business to PLAN + CREATE + DEVELOP business plans, goals, and concepts that support your ideas, passions, visions, within a timeline.

YOU, The ULTIMATE Project is for Women Entrepreneurs.…Collectively being either the Entrepreneur that is seeking to start, develop, brand & market, or growing your business, and even the working girl determined to transition as her own Daily BOSS! ✨✨✨✨💕

It’s time to start “CELEBRATING LIFE YOUR STYLE!”~~ Loretta


The GOLD Series



The NEW GOLD Series designed & created by The Daily BOSS Network Founder, Loretta Rose is NOW Available ONLINE! The GOLD Series is an integrated Mentoring Program that includes:

The Daily BOSS MOM Life 

Hey BOSS Moms Let’s CELEBRATE YOUR Lifestyle! It’s About CELEBRATING Life YOUR Style while you accomplish YOUR Goals, YOUR Vision, YOUR Business … While Being a BOSS Mom!

Let’s Get you Started BOSS Mom!

The Working Place

The Working Place is about Creating a Team Environment within your business, and building a motivated + inspired team of individuals through diversity, employee inclusion, training, & education. We can Work together to design your unique “Working Place” Program for a motivated,happy team, a team building plan, and\or a remote working program.


Let’s Get your Team Building & Motivation Started Now!

Marriage & The Business

Balancing Being A Daily BOSS + Wife + Life

This Series is about being an Entrepreneur + Wife + Managing your Daily Lifestyle. 

Marriage is our first priority... some of us even are married + are business partners with our spouse and work alongside them daily. Some of us are traveling while our spouse remains at home. 

Balancing Business –  General business trends are where a spouse provides background support to the spouse that is the entrepreneur.. however… there are long hours in the business life as an entrepreneur. In This SEGMENT we will work through Balance of the time management. 

Traveling while Married + the Entrepreneur Lifestyle – You can tell a lot about a company by its foundation, its principals, & its orientation of family life. This SEGMENT we focus on balancing being away from home as an Entrepreneur.

Make Time for Love & Life – Perhaps your unlimited work hours are creating some exhaustion or some frustration? If not that’s wonderful … BUT, at times in our entrepreneur’s lifestyle… we over work hours because we are the BOSS + we have so much invested in our company, our brand, and our business… We place our priorities in backwards order trying to make things work for ourselves… This SEGMENT we will focus on our relationships as PRIORITY! 

Executive Marriage – A company is strengthened when there is a husband + wife foundation & investment with both as business owners that make daily executive decisions about the business, for the business, and in the business. In This SEGMENT we will focus on the Executive Life of Marriage & The Business.


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