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10 THINGS I Promised My MOM


A LOVE PROMISE; The Journey of losing a parent is beyond the ability of being able to capture a sustained memories of eternal moments as phases your life unfold, yet the wisdom that is departed within them unto us is life-changing to say the least.

During my time with my Mom in her final moments in this world our conversations were selectively about the past, the current, and the future. We made sure that we went through the memories of my childhood, the current life that I live and the daily challenges, and finally in her final days we focused diligently on my future as she so eloquently made me promise her 10 THINGS! 



1) Don’t Cry in front of my Siblings During her transition.

2) Don’t Grieve too long & hold myself from moving forward with life.

3) Always BAKE A Great Cake! 

4) Love Life & TRAVEL to All The Places We planned on going together.

5) Write a Cookbook with her Favorite Recipes.

6) CELEBRATE Life MY Style!

7) NEVER Give up on My Dreams, Goals, & Entrepreneur Ideas.

8) Allow my Children to Make Mistakes.

9) Press Forward to SUCCESS No Matter What & NEVER Quit.

10) Remember  That I am a ‘Limited Edition’!

As a daughter I definitely had to take a significant amount of time to regroup after the loss of my Mom, as a person with a busy lifestyle and demanding family I had to take some time to reflect and rejuvenate my mind, body, and soul….

Now, I am gradually moving back into my passions of Entrepreneurship and daily activities… as My Mom would say if she were here… LET’S GO! WE HAVE THINGS TO DO!

So, My Dear.. YOU May Ask, What’s Next? More of ME!  More FAITH… More Personal Empowerment… More Passion… More Daily BOSS Network Inspirations… AND More CELEBRATING Life MY Style!

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The Empowerment  2019 Events are designed to inspire, ignite, educate, and motivate YOU to a higher level of your life, your business, and your goals. The 2019 Weekend Event will include: Workshops + Professional Photography Sessions + Professional Makeup Sessions + VIP Dinner + The Yacht Boat Ride|Soiree and Sunday Breakfast.

Also, this is a “Black & White” Event on The Lake in The BEAUTIFUL Lake Norman, NC….. So Ladies, Get Ready to ignite your mind, your inspiration, your business ideas & your life!

If you would like to participate as a Vendor Make sure you RESERVE Your Vendor Spot today as the availability will be LIMITED.

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“UncoveringTheNewU” Book By SheNesia Ewing

“UncoveringTheNewU” Book By SheNesia Ewing



Author, SheNesia Ewing is a TRUE Champion! The Daily BOSS Network is PROUD to Kickoff the TRUE CHAMPION SERIES 2018 Dedicated to Amazing Entrepreneurs that have pressed forward in life with inspiring stories of purposeful goals beyond setbacks, hindrances, & circumstances! JOIN US AS WE Kick Off This Series with Author, SheNesia Ewing is a TRUE Champion!  She has RELEASED her NEW BOOK… “UncoveringTheNewU”



“UncoveringTheNewU” is a call to action memoir for the woman looking to identify their own strength and power to live ON purpose and intentionally. International Master Trainer & Life Coach SheNesia Ewing reveals challenges caused by single motherhood, sexual assault, domestic violence, alcoholism, and homelessness because of her selflessness, lack of self-esteem, and failure to understand her worth. 

All she ever wanted was to be liked by peers and loved by family. While in the pursuit of personal freedom she realizes that two things stand in the way. Her internal enemy caused by doubt and fear and the habit of sacrificing more for others than she does herself.

When she declared her independence from herself, she began tapping into her personal power, forcing her to learn how to live beyond her pain and circumstances. She realized that as a single mother there is no such thing as giving up or settling. It was up to her to change her mind to change her circumstances. Her ability to do and move forward was based on how long she ALLOWED the pain to linger in her mind, body, and spirit. No one can deliver her from her pain but her. Along the journey of pursuit, she learns how to walk in happiness by uncovering something she never knew she had; HERSELF. 


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A Powerful BOOK of Encouragement: “BECOMING Loretta Rose” | RELEASE Date: 8|14|18



A Powerful BOOK of Encouragement: “BECOMING Loretta Rose” | RELEASE Date: 8|14|18


GOD Said “Count it All Joy” JAMES 1:2 AND Now IT’S ON! IT’S ON!

After 3 Years of Writing, I am so over joyed to Finally Confirm the RELEASE Date of My NEW Book, “BECOMING Loretta Rose”, A Powerful Inspiring Book that will definitely spark a flame in your heart, it will make you cry at times, make you bend over laughing, and inspire you to BELIEVE in Yourself!

The Book is A Series of Life-Changing Events, Lessons Learned, Short Stories & Empowering Moments that will fire up your dreams, motivate you to Follow your Passions, and encourage you that you can overcome the obstacles that have hindered you in situations that you felt like throwing the towel and giving up… Resilience, Prayer, Faith, and Courage will Restore You! ….. #book #bookstagram #booksofinstagram #a #authorsofinstagram #author #writersofinstagram #writing #boss

RELEASE Date 8|14|18



Sip 🍷 & Paint 🎨 “ 90’s Hip-Hop and Retro Night”

Sip 🍷 & Paint 🎨 “
90’s Hip-Hop and Retro Night”


Unique the Brand presents Sip 🍷 & Paint 🎨 “
90’s Hip-Hop and Retro Night”
If you have a business, or you model and would like exposure… the time is NOW

Location: Hyde Brewing
2911 Griffith St B, Charlotte, NC 28203

Date: August 4, 2018 doing so a Fashion show will take place. If you would like to feature your business (merchandise) on selected Models, please sign up today.

Now accepting inquiries!! Models & Vendors only!!


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Instructor: @eatdrinkpainthavefun @HydeBrewing #BuildingNetworkswithQuality Looking for new ways to direct your #Business whether it’s #Big or #Small #UniqueTheBrand #FOCUS “Allow me to enLIGHTen you” now offering #Advertising #Marketing #Promotional #Event #Sponsoring services and more… Instructor: @eatdrinkpainthavefun 



NEW! The Books By The Daily BOSS


 NEW!  Books By The Daily BOSS


The Entrepreneur Inspired Workbook Series by The Daily BOSS Network Founder, Loretta Rose is inspiring, informing, captivating, and full of good information for entrepreneurs seeking to start a business, have launched a business, and seeking more knowledge as an entrepreneur. The Workbooks also are coordinated with the Online Mini Series and Class Sessions.

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The NEW Daily BOSS MOM Life “Scriptures that Empower” + The Prayer Journal by The Daily BOSS Network Founder, Loretta Rose will be Released on  6|15|18 

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The Daily “BOSS Made Successful” Entrepreneurial Women’s Spotlight: Shaun Jai | The Shaun Jai Project

The Daily “BOSS Made Successful” Entrepreneurial Women’s Spotlight: Shaun Jai | The Shaun Jai Project




About Shaun Jai AND “The Shaun Jai Project”

The name of her organization is “The Shaun Jai Project”, and Shaun Jai created this organization to provide community events within her community that will build up their families, provide educational activities while having fun!

From the Start Shaun Jai’s passion for her community makes the organization unique, and her mission was to educate the community of the growing epidemic of teen suicide. 

The Shaun Jai Project hosts events that educate the community, provide space for business owners to showcase their products & services, and also as the forefront for the “Up & Coming” talent in the community, however she definitely has plans to take “We Rock the District” Nationally.” 

The Shaun Jai Project is provides community events that include: 

  • Inspire Awards
  • Vendors Boutique & Artist Showcase
  • Health & Wellness Revival
  • We Rock the District
  • Stop Giving Your Shit Away

2018 Upcoming Events (front)


Here’s A Snippet of The Online Digital Interview with Shaun Jai:

Daily BOSS: What made you choose your current location? Shaun Jai: “This is where I was born and raised. I still believe that there is a lot of growth and opportunities for me right here in my community.”

Daily BOSS:What is unique about your business? Shaun Jai: “My passion for my community, my love for hosting events, and my desire to see others win.”

Daily BOSS: Do you have employees? If so, How many? Shaun Jai: “I do not currently have employees. However, I do have a strong team of volunteers.”

Daily BOSS: What do you look for in an employee? Shaun Jai:When I am able to make the decision to hire employees, I will definitely seek people that are self motivated, love our community, and helping others, someone that knows how to get the job done without being micromanaged.”




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Shaun Jai’s Advice to Entrepreneurs:

“Don’t forget to celebrate your small steps! Those are the steps that matter the most. It’s not the gigantic steps, because those hardly ever teaches any valuable lesson. But it’s the small steps that you remember the most and that makes the biggest impact in reaching your dreams.” ~ Shaun Jai






2018 Upcoming Events:

May 19th:

Vendor Boutique & Artist Showcase

July 14th:

Health & Wellness Revival

September 15th:

“We Rock the District” For the Awareness & Prevention of Teen Suicide 

December 8th:

“Stop Giving Your Shit Away” An Empowerment Conference


We Rock the District 2018 (online)Health and Wellness Revival 2018 (online)Stop Giving Your Shit Away 2018 (online)

Connect With The Shaun Jai Project:





*This Feature written with Consent of Shaun Jai to Empower others, Inspire others, & Network with other women and Celebrate the Amazing & Talented work of Shaun Jai| The Shaun Jai Project, Maryland*** 






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What’s The BUZZ: Worship Songstress | K DELORE


So, What’s The BUZZ…. 

  At The Daily BOSS Network?

K Delore

The Daily BOSS Network is So Proud to ANNOUNCE The NEW Single RELEASE BY our own Kimberly Grisson-Dixon! Her NEW Single is Entitled “Alright Now” by K DELORE,  an Amazing Worship Artist with a Voice of Angelic Exaltation.

The Daily BOSS Network so very honored by the Inspiration and Elevation through her encouraging, uplifting melodies  with this wonderful RELEASE!

Kimberly is a Singer 🎤• Songwriter ✍️• Worshipper 🙌 NEW SINGLE: ALRIGHT NOW available on all digital outlets! 🎶❤️


FOLLOW & Download on Digital Outlets:


Twitter: @k_delore  


CREDITS: The Man Behind The Single Artwork: @endreblaq

Not only is he the Love of her Life, but he is an AMAZING #producer, he’s also an AMAZING #photographer & #graphicdesigner!