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10 THINGS I Promised My MOM


A LOVE PROMISE; The Journey of losing a parent is beyond the ability of being able to capture a sustained memories of eternal moments as phases your life unfold, yet the wisdom that is departed within them unto us is life-changing to say the least.

During my time with my Mom in her final moments in this world our conversations were selectively about the past, the current, and the future. We made sure that we went through the memories of my childhood, the current life that I live and the daily challenges, and finally in her final days we focused diligently on my future as she so eloquently made me promise her 10 THINGS! 



1) Don’t Cry in front of my Siblings During her transition.

2) Don’t Grieve too long & hold myself from moving forward with life.

3) Always BAKE A Great Cake! 

4) Love Life & TRAVEL to All The Places We planned on going together.

5) Write a Cookbook with her Favorite Recipes.

6) CELEBRATE Life MY Style!

7) NEVER Give up on My Dreams, Goals, & Entrepreneur Ideas.

8) Allow my Children to Make Mistakes.

9) Press Forward to SUCCESS No Matter What & NEVER Quit.

10) Remember  That I am a ‘Limited Edition’!

As a daughter I definitely had to take a significant amount of time to regroup after the loss of my Mom, as a person with a busy lifestyle and demanding family I had to take some time to reflect and rejuvenate my mind, body, and soul….

Now, I am gradually moving back into my passions of Entrepreneurship and daily activities… as My Mom would say if she were here… LET’S GO! WE HAVE THINGS TO DO!

So, My Dear.. YOU May Ask, What’s Next? More of ME!  More FAITH… More Personal Empowerment… More Passion… More Daily BOSS Network Inspirations… AND More CELEBRATING Life MY Style!

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A Powerful BOOK of Encouragement: “BECOMING Loretta Rose” | RELEASE Date: 8|14|18



A Powerful BOOK of Encouragement: “BECOMING Loretta Rose” | RELEASE Date: 8|14|18


GOD Said “Count it All Joy” JAMES 1:2 AND Now IT’S ON! IT’S ON!

After 3 Years of Writing, I am so over joyed to Finally Confirm the RELEASE Date of My NEW Book, “BECOMING Loretta Rose”, A Powerful Inspiring Book that will definitely spark a flame in your heart, it will make you cry at times, make you bend over laughing, and inspire you to BELIEVE in Yourself!

The Book is A Series of Life-Changing Events, Lessons Learned, Short Stories & Empowering Moments that will fire up your dreams, motivate you to Follow your Passions, and encourage you that you can overcome the obstacles that have hindered you in situations that you felt like throwing the towel and giving up… Resilience, Prayer, Faith, and Courage will Restore You! ….. #book #bookstagram #booksofinstagram #a #authorsofinstagram #author #writersofinstagram #writing #boss

RELEASE Date 8|14|18



Money Making Mama Monday’s


Money Making Mama Monday’s

Features A Mama that is dedicated, hard-working, hustling, all in courage, motherhood, & Style! The Daily BOSS Network will Feature a Short Story Article + Social Media Post about an Amazing Money Making Mama…that is CELEBRATING Life Her Style of Motherhood while Making Money in Motherhood.

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Featured Money Making Mama: The Real Rejae Style



The BOSS Mom Life *Online Mini Series


The BOSS Mom Life *Online Mini Series

Hey BOSS Moms Let’s CELEBRATE YOUR Lifestyle!

It’s About CELEBRATING Life YOUR Style while you accomplish YOUR Goals, YOUR Vision, YOUR Business … While Being a BOSS Mom!

The Daily BOSS Network Offers various integrated opportunities for the BOSS Mom Lifestyle Entrepreneurs that include: Online Mini Series that includes: Tutorials + Webinars + Events, & Information.




The Daily BOSS Network Online Academy

The Daily BOSS Network Online Academy


The Daily BOSS Network Online Academy

INTRODUCING ✨The NEW! Daily BOSS Network Online Academy within The Daily BOSS Network…… Integrated Environment & Collaborations….. AND Our Fabulous “YOU, The Ultimate Project” designed as an online integrated learning environment with LUNCH & LEARN Sessions, Consultations, Group Sessions, and 1-ON-1 collaboration.

Additionally, if YOU are a GOLD Member, you will also benefit from the opportunity to engage with The Daily BOSS Network Founder, Loretta Rose as your Strategic Mentor| Business Consultant through The Business Development Programs for women in Business to PLAN + CREATE + DEVELOP business plans, goals, and concepts that support your ideas, passions, visions, within a timeline.

YOU, The ULTIMATE Project is for Women Entrepreneurs.…Collectively being either the Entrepreneur that is seeking to start, develop, brand & market, or growing your business, and even the working girl determined to transition as her own Daily BOSS! ✨✨✨✨💕

It’s time to start “CELEBRATING LIFE YOUR STYLE!”~~ Loretta


The GOLD Series



The NEW GOLD Series designed & created by The Daily BOSS Network Founder, Loretta Rose is NOW Available ONLINE! The GOLD Series is an integrated Mentoring Program that includes:

The Daily BOSS MOM Life 

Hey BOSS Moms Let’s CELEBRATE YOUR Lifestyle! It’s About CELEBRATING Life YOUR Style while you accomplish YOUR Goals, YOUR Vision, YOUR Business … While Being a BOSS Mom!

Let’s Get you Started BOSS Mom!

The Working Place

The Working Place is about Creating a Team Environment within your business, and building a motivated + inspired team of individuals through diversity, employee inclusion, training, & education. We can Work together to design your unique “Working Place” Program for a motivated,happy team, a team building plan, and\or a remote working program.


Let’s Get your Team Building & Motivation Started Now!

Marriage & The Business

Balancing Being A Daily BOSS + Wife + Life

This Series is about being an Entrepreneur + Wife + Managing your Daily Lifestyle. 

Marriage is our first priority... some of us even are married + are business partners with our spouse and work alongside them daily. Some of us are traveling while our spouse remains at home. 

Balancing Business –  General business trends are where a spouse provides background support to the spouse that is the entrepreneur.. however… there are long hours in the business life as an entrepreneur. In This SEGMENT we will work through Balance of the time management. 

Traveling while Married + the Entrepreneur Lifestyle – You can tell a lot about a company by its foundation, its principals, & its orientation of family life. This SEGMENT we focus on balancing being away from home as an Entrepreneur.

Make Time for Love & Life – Perhaps your unlimited work hours are creating some exhaustion or some frustration? If not that’s wonderful … BUT, at times in our entrepreneur’s lifestyle… we over work hours because we are the BOSS + we have so much invested in our company, our brand, and our business… We place our priorities in backwards order trying to make things work for ourselves… This SEGMENT we will focus on our relationships as PRIORITY! 

Executive Marriage – A company is strengthened when there is a husband + wife foundation & investment with both as business owners that make daily executive decisions about the business, for the business, and in the business. In This SEGMENT we will focus on the Executive Life of Marriage & The Business.


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