REQUEST A Daily BOSS Spotlight Feature

REQUEST A Daily BOSS Spotlight Feature

I am so delighted that you reached out to me regarding The Daily BOSS Network Entrepreneurial & Business Spotlight Feature.

For YOU… YOUR Feature will help bring inspirational, enriching, and educative significance to your business!

The Daily BOSS Network prominently offers The Women’s Entrepreneurial & Business Spotlight Feature for women that are inspiring, empowering, and making an impact as Business Women, Entrepreneurial Educators, and Motivational Women all over the World!

The Spotlight FEATURE REGISTRATION is NOW OPEN Spring 2018 that includes the Feature + Posting + Sharing to Social Media Platforms: Twitter + Facebook + Instagram. Your Feature will be Available online via The Daily BOSS Network.

If you would love to be featured.. there are 4 EASY Steps:

  1. Complete + Send over the following STEPS + BRIEF information for Your Feature
    1. ENTREPRENEUR Form Below Get’s the Ball Rolling & Follow Up Email from us to continue to the additional (3) steps below.
    2. Cover Photo + 2 Photos of Your Brand|Work
    3. Feature Questionnaire
    4. Consent to Write|Print about YOU, and also publish YOUR Photos, career|business information, and contact information.

Once the steps are completed we will schedule your Feature! All Features are “1st Come 1st Serve” Basis, and will be scheduled upon receiving the entire list of requirements.  Feature Questionnaires can be completed at your earliest convenience but Please NOTE **the quicker you respond with the information & return your information we can get the ball rolling for YOU!*** It’s a VERY EASY & Quick Process!

The Great NEWS is that there are currently 54 SPOTS OPEN! UNTIL May 31st, 2018! 

Let’s Get YOU Featured…


Simply send your info and “Get The Ball Rolling”

Until Next Time My Dear… CELEBRATE Life YOUR Style!


Loretta Rose, Consultant | Mentor | Project Professional