NEW Business Directory Member: RU?Fashionable

WELCOME NEW! Daily BOSS Network Business Directory Member: RU?Fashionable


RU?Fashionable Luxury Accessories & Apparel

Deme B. is the Owner and Operator of (RU?Fashionable)
RU?Fashionable is a (Brand & Lifestyle) consisting of a variety of Fashion & Beauty Entities; currently the primary focus is the online Boutique with accessories and apparel coming soon! Deme is designing & creating her own apparel line + accessories line.
She is an Amazing NEW Fashion Designer, and currently working with clients as a Fashion Stylist/Consultant.
Deme B. has been in the Fashion/Beauty business for over 20 years. 
Ru?Fashionable has been Available for 1 year now, and Deme B. also mentors young women, and absolutely loves to uplift other women..💛💜💜


Check Out RU?Fashionable & Deme B. in The GOLD Member Business Directory





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