The “BOSS Made Successful” Entrepreneurial Women’s Spotlight: SheNesia Ewing| Uncovering The NEW U, LLC

The “BOSS Made Successful” Entrepreneurial Women’s Spotlight: SheNesia Ewing| Uncovering The NEW U, LLC

Strength Health Empowerment Life Coaching Service, LLC.

Certified Fitness and Wellness Instructor

Certified Life Coach



About Shenesia | Uncovering The NEW U, LLC.

SheNesia’s concept was conceived at the beginning of an initiative to take back her life and take charge of her destiny!

From the beginning… SheNesia’s mission was to simply be a personal trainer. SheNesia thought working for a gym is where she wanted to be and help others lose weight. However, SheNesia didn’t realize in the beginning that it was so much more than exercising & nutrition….it involved every aspect of life to be healthy. 


What is unique about is Shenesia | Uncovering the New U, LLC.

 SheNesia is a natural trainer, no supplements, no shots simply natural in her development.. She is authentic! SheNesia doesn’t not hide her weaknesses from her clients… as she Tells the Daily BOSS Network… “I fall short in my fitness just as the next. I am knowledgeable”. In  2019 SheNesia will be Dr. Ewing, Doctorate of Psychology with concentration in Sports Performance. She is also a nutritionist, as well as a Life Coach and offers a total package for her clients. Uncovering The NEW U,LLC is a “One Stop Shop”, as her Mom calls it, and offers a variety of services for her clients. 


Services and products offered by SheNesia | Uncovering The NEW U,LLC

* Empowerment Sessions (Youth & Teens and Single Mothers)

 *Virtual Services (boot camp), (training) 

*1 to 1 Personal training services 

*Health & Wellness Mapping 

* Motivational Speaking 

* Fitness Events 


Here is A Snippet of the online interview with SheNesia

The Daily BOSS: Do you have employees? 

SheNesia: Yes, I have an Executive Assistant |Cassandra Lakin

The Daily BOSS: What do you look for in an employee?

 SheNesia: I look for someone who has the same drive as I who desires to be a part of something that is for the people. The desire to want to change the community our children or families live in and bringing awareness to shortage in life span of our village. 

The Daily BOSS: What made you choose your current location? 

SheNesia: My Husband received a job here in Atlanta, GA 

The Daily BOSS: What made you choose this type of business?

 SheNesia: My parents are getting older… I needed to know the exact way to slow the aging process on their bodies. Also I was a single mother who had to ensure that I was living for my son. 

The Daily BOSS: Does your company help the community where it is located?

SheNesia:  I just moved to Atlanta but, yes once I get settled I will be.

SheNesia Ewing Headshot

SheNesia’s Advice to NEW Entrepreneurs…Change your mind, change your circumstances. Nothing in your life will change if U don’t…Change begins with U”! ~SheNesia


How to Contact SheNesia Ewing | Uncovering The NEW U, LLC


@Uncovering the new u and @Strength Health Empowerment Life Coaching Services

Web Site:

Instagram: @lifecoachnesi

**Feature written with consent & exclusive permission to Empower others, Inspire others, & Network with other women and Celebrate the Amazing & Talented work of SheNesia Ewing| Uncovering The NEW U, LLC


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