The “BOSS Made Successful” Entrepreneurial Women’s Spotlight: Jacqueline Briggs|Nspire Network



The “BOSS Made Successful” Entrepreneurial Women’s Spotlight: Jacqueline Briggs|Nspire Network


About Jacqueline Briggs

She is a graduate from Missouri Western University with a degree in Management, mother of two, and a business owner in the Network Marketing Profession.

Jacqueline is a independent distributor for her Marketing Company, Nspire Network. The company is about Mission Driven people, and as an Independent Distributor Jacqueline looks for business partners who are highly motivated, energetic, team player, coachable, teachable, and forward thinking.

Jacqueline became a part of Nspire Network because of the overall mission of changing/saving Women’s lives. The company goes beyond helping the community. It has established a “Now We No” Foundation that assists Women Globally.

The mission of our Right to Fight Campaign is to potentially prevent prostate cancer in 1,000,000 men through education via seminars, health fairs, webinars and conference calls. Our campaign allows us to do more than just educate men and women about this silent killer. We have a “Right to Fight” using Nspire’s MaxLife Prostate Care Plus to fight back with!  



Products Offered by Nspire Network
Health and Wellness products: 

  •   Awareness Campaign: :Now We No” and “Right To Fight”. The flagship product is our Cherish Sanitary Napkin that eliminates cramps, odor, balances PH levels and Hormones and keeps a woman drier longer.
  • Also the Nutraceuticals: Total Recall for the Memory, Men and Women’s sexual health,Testosterone Booster, Prostate Care Plus. Our Right To Fight Campaign is a mission that focuses on educating men on Prostate Care.


Here’s a Snippet of the Online Interview with Jacqueline:

The Daily BOSS: Are you Local or National or More? Jacqueline: Nspire Network is is Local, National and International (global).

The Daily BOSS: Why Did you Choose this type of Business? Jacqueline: It’s a home based Business|My Home… The ability to spend more time with my family.

The Daily BOSS: What is unique about your company|business? Jacqueline: What is unique about my company is our Flagship Product. Cherish Sanitary Napkins and Panty liners.

Laura's Flyer 2



Jacqueline’s Advice to NEW Entrepreneurs… “Become a part of something Bigger than yourself, Have a Vision and stay the course to reach your destiny.”~ Jacqueline



How To Contact Jacqueline:

 Telephone: 727-455-1537

Instagram & Facebook

Nspire Network Distributor: Mission Driven.

” Now we No Movement”

**Feature written to Empower others, Inspire others, & Network with other women and Celebrate the Amazing & Talented work of Jacqueline Briggs| Nspire Network


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