The “BOSS Made Successful” Women’s Spotlight: Minister Jalisa Ray |CEO/Founder Jalisa Ray International,LLC

The “BOSS Made Successful” Women’s Spotlight: Minister Jalisa Ray |CEO/Founder Jalisa Ray International, LLC



About Minister Jalisa Ray CEO of Jalisa Ray International, LLC

Minister Jalisa Ray is a holistic wealth and money mindset coach. She helps Christ-seeking millennial women on their journey to financial freedom. She provides 4 weeks and 12-week one-on-one coaching programs, group coaching, financial challenges, and online courses. Minister Jalisa Ray uses these to help women address the mindset and stumbling blocks that are holding them back from living abundantly. She is the author of, ”It’s All in Me! – My Journey to Freedom & Living Abundantly.” It is a memoir and a self-help book walking people through the 5 F’s to freedom and living abundantly that God show her on her journey.


About Minister Jalisa Ray’s concept for Jalisa Ray International, LLC

Minister Jalisa Ray was inspired with the idea of her business from a series of trial and error business opportunities and then finally listening to what it was that God wanted her to do to establish the foundation of her business legacy. The vision and business she has come from God.  “They do not belong to me, I’m just the manager of them.”  ~Minister Jalisa Ray


Minister Jalisa Ray’s mission from the start


To help people break free from the ways of the world and walk in the uniqueness God has created in them by: 

– Magnifying and focusing on the concept of unity 

– Providing resources for people to discover and refine their gifts and talents in order to walk in their purposes 

– Providing a place for people to be healed mentally, spiritually, and physically 

– Increase service and giving around the world 

– Creating leaders of all kinds 

– Broadening the ideology of education and learning 

– Teaching people to have their money work for them instead of working for their money 




Services & Products offered by Jalisa Ray International, LLC

I offer group and one-on-one holistic wealth and money mindset coaching, my book ”It’s All in Me! – My Journey to Freedom & Living Abundantly”, and VIP Days.




Here’s A Snippet from the online Interview:

The Daily BOSS: What is unique about your business? Minister Jalisa Ray: I am able to help women obtain wealth from a holistic point of view. The purpose of this is to leave a rich legacy and contribute to the building up of the Kingdom of God.

The Daily BOSS: Do you work locally or nationally?

Minister Jalisa Ray: Nationally 

The Daily BOSS: What made you choose this type of business?

Minister Jalisa Ray: So I can have the time freedom to do ministry work, to obtain financial freedom, to leave it as a legacy to future generations, and be able to spend time with loved ones when I want to.



Minister Jalisa Ray gives her advice to Entrepreneurs…

“Do not follow anyone else’s path except for the path God has laid out for you. If you have the mindset for success, you will be successful. Take care of yourself or you will not have or be enough to help others. Do not serve out of your emptiness, serve from your overflow. Your story is unique but there are parts of it people can relate to. Use leverage whenever possible. Never allow quitting to be an option or you will always quit. Deal with you and all of your obstacles will become easier to handle. Building a business takes a village, do not try to do it on your own.” ~ Minister Jalisa Ray


How to Contact Minister Jalisa Ray

Phone Number: (240) 343-4177
Book Website:
Free 5-Day Financial Freedom Challenge:
Personal Facebook Page:

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