The “BOSS Made Successful” Women’s Spotlight: TRIFECTA Inc.|Natasha Saunders, CEO + Nour Ibrahim,CFO + Robyn Mitchell, CIO

 The “BOSS Made Successful” Women’s Spotlight: TRIFECTA  Inc.

Natasha Saunders, CEO + Nour Ibrahim,CFO + Robyn Mitchell, CIO




About the TRIFECTA Inc. Concept

TRIFECTA Inc. was conceived by three individuals whom all have different talents, passions and specialties but wanted to serve the same purpose:

  • Nour Ibrahim, our CFO and Director for Events and Planning has a background in finance, management, and consumer engagement. She also is a mother of 3 and she saw the need directly for change concerning our youth.
  • Robyn Mitchell, CIO and Director of Operations is well versed in entrepreneurship, design, and consulting with a background in Business Administration and Information Systems.
  • Natasha Saunders, CEO and Director of Communications has a background in Higher Education, community programming, diversity and inclusion work, as well as,  Professional Development Consulting and College Access Coaching.  

Together, TRIFECTA Inc. saw the need in our community to uplift inner city youth, young professionals, women, entrepreneurs and more. It literally began with 10 years of late-night conversations and girl talk of how they wanted to make a difference in our community and that has manifested into the purpose and mission. 

TRIFECTA Inc.’s vision is to be a global leader in community sustainability and economic empowerment. They aim to collectively reach individuals through curated cultural events, youth leadership workshops, minority and women empowerment micro-seminars, and various tailored programs intent on serving the needs of disadvantaged communities.


The Mission of TRIFECTA Inc.

The mission of TRIFECTA Inc. is to Guard it. Nurture it. and Reveal it. This came about at the beginning of conceptualizing the business and how the group would forge together as one. Even in the birthing process of developing TRIFECTA Inc. The Co-Founders knew they would have to guard it and nurture it before revealing their purpose to the community and the world. 

  • Guard It.

TRIFECTA Inc.’s Mission is to Guard and protect the culture, intellectual property and creativity of underrepresented communities within the City of Roanoke.

  • Nurture It.

TRIFECTA Inc.’s strives to Nurture inner-city youth, individuals and communities by providing opportunities to engage in social movements, social events, self-preserving and improvement workshops and seminars.

  • Reveal It.

TRIFECTA Inc. will assist youth, individuals and communities in recognizing and Revealing his/her/their purpose and talents for the betterment of the community through building collaborative efforts in order to create and sustain community and economic development.

Here’s A Snippet of the Online Interview with TRIFECTA Inc.

The Daily BOSS:What is unique about your business?

TRIFECTA: What is unique about TRIFECTA Inc. is that the organization has a social media platform and YouTube channel to engage individuals, youth and communities while still has boots on the ground to uplift the community through physical engagement. The organization is truly purposed in community and economic development through servant leadership. 

The Daily BOSS: Do you work locally or nationally?

TRIFECTA: The organization conducts work internationally.

The Daily BOSS:What made you choose this type of business?

 TRIFECTA: This type of business was chosen to be directly connected to the community, to break cycles of poverty, and to become entrepreneurs so that resources can go directly back into the community.


Services offered

The services offered currently are business and professional development consulting, cultural events, youth leadership workshops, minority and women empowerment micro-seminars, and various tailored programs intent on serving the needs of disadvantaged communities.

TRIFECTA Initiatives

TRIFECTA was created to fill a void, essentially, in our local community. Specifically, there in Roanoke, Virginia , they’ve seen what urban renewal projects over time have done to our neighborhoods; our black community alone which once employed over 7700 people in an area filled with doctors, lawyers, practitioners, grocers, artists, etc. TRIFECTA  has a goal to bring back the vitality that was once present, through various initiatives, empowering and equipping the community with necessary tools to not only survive, but thrive. This is accomplished through micro-seminars (professional development), youth outreach and empowerment, offering support to other businesses, and curated events.

One of the first initiatives is to take a group of high school students to a National Conference aimed at getting minority youth interested in pursuing STEAM related careers and majors in college. While TRIFECTA is focusing on local communities in Southwest Virginia, the vision is to spread the initiative, not only throughout the state but potentially nationwide some day.

Please like + follow TRIFECTA on Facebook to learn more about this initiative and how you can contribute to the “Give Back Challenge!“




***About the Featured PhotosRobyn Mitchell is photographed on the desert sands of Dubai. Nour Ibrahim is pictured with her family during her visit to her native country of Palestine and Natasha Saunders is photographed with a group of youth doing outreach in Dominican Republic. TRIFECTA Inc. Team will be traveling as a group to Dubai this year.


TRIFECTA Inc. gives Advice to Entrepreneurs

“Whatever is tugging on your spirit, listen to it. Just don’t dream but Live. Everyone serves a greater purpose and whatever that purpose is make sure to guard it, nurture it, and reveal it.”


Contact TRIFECTA Inc.


***Feature written to Empower others, Inspire others, & Network with other women and Celebrate the Amazing & Talented work of  The TRIFECTA Inc Team: Natasha Saunders, CEO + Nour Ibrahim, CFO + Robyn Mitchell, CIO  *** 


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