The “BOSS Made Successful” Women’s Spotlight: Shawna Solomon|Shop Exotic Hush Boutique




The “BOSS Made Successful” Women’s Spotlight: Shawna Solomon|Shop Exotic Hush Boutique

 Shawna Solomon, Celebrity Fashion Stylist, Entrepreneur, and Speaker has earned the respect of her community and showcasing her love for fashion, Shawna has received honors in 2014 for Best Boutique by the Bella Awards, as well as 2016 Best Stylist Award for Style Week Pittsburgh. Her knack for knowing exactly what fashion will work for each client, has grown her brand from an Online Lingerie Store in 2010 to a diverse empire consisting of two brick & mortar locations. Recently adding Speaker to her empire, Shawna now travels to various cities teaching everyday people how to “Dress The Part” and “Style Their Brand”

Shawna’s concept for the boutiques business came from her work in the industry and her love for fashion & style. Her mission from the beginning is to help others with with wardrobe styling.



Here’s A Snippet of the online interview with Shawna:

The Daily BOSS: What is unique about your business? Shawna: We offer styling suggestions with every purchase. 

The Daily BOSS: Do you work locally or nationally?  Shawna: I work both 

The Daily BOSS: What made you choose this type of business? Shawna: “I was tired of working in Corporate dead-end jobs, and I wasn’t happy. So I decided to do what I love and get paid for it!” 

The Daily BOSS: Does your company help the community where it is located? Shawna: Yes, we do … we have a “Dress The Part” segment for women who are in need can come in to be styled with donated clothing”

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Boutique Locations:

Shawna has launched 2 Boutiques with the 3rd boutique coming soon! The boutiques currently employs 11 Team Members, and when considering on-boarding a new member she looks for qualities that include: Hard work, Professionalism, and loyalty. Shop Exotic Hush in person at the boutique locations:


Shawna’s Advice to Entrepreneurs…

“Never give up. DO what you love!”





How to Contact Shawna & The Shop Exotic Hush Boutiques:

*Feature written to Empower others, Inspire others, & Network with other women and Celebrate the Amazing & Talented work of  Shawna Solomon|Shop Exotic Hush Boutique *** 


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