The “BOSS Made Successful” Women’s Spotlight: Lolita E. Walker|Walker & Walker Enterprises, LLC


The “BOSS Made Successful” Women’s Spotlight:

Lolita E. Walker|Walker & Walker Enterprises, LLC



Lolita E. Walker is the founder of Walker & Walker Enterprises, LLC… where she is the forefront of a movement that empowers busy women to shift their mindsets and take back moments for themselves.  As a Change Management Champion for Women, she increases clarity and confidence, which provides freedom for her clients to embrace challenges and strengths, then thrive in the greatness that awaits them. 

What is unique about Walker & Walker Enterprises, LLC?

  • Lolita holds an MBA & is an Industrial Engineer by trade, so uniquely fuses her technical, business, and personal expertise to guide women through tools to thrive in change.
  • Lolita begins with the foundation of you, and is focused on the transition versus on the change.
  • Lolita uses “instructional acronyms” to motivate, inspire, and drive actions.

About Lolita’s Concept for Walker & Walker Enterprises, LLC

Lolita E. Walker has been a manager of people for over 17 years, and her true passion and tangible result is seeing them grow and thrive right before her eyes! Her mission is to create a movement of empowerment that touches women, and helps them to thrive in their own greatness.  The awareness that she has helped shape others into acting with more confidence, more power, and more commitment is so exciting to Lolita! 

Lolita E. Walker feels a sense of pride that makes her feel so proud.  She is so excited to see others move beyond a space of fear and unknown, to truly owning what is right in front of them… Strength, Faith, Commitment, and Work Ethic!  When working with others, Lolita sets expectations, communicates frequently, reminds them of their worth, and then leaves them to soar!  That is why she founded Walker & Walker Enterprises, LLC.!


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What Makes Lolita E. Walker Great for empowering others? Let’s begin with her amazing skills she gained from managing others for 17.5 years… along with her own personal and organizational challenges + her experience of the engineering process/technical background + her MBA! Lolita is well suited to tackle challenges from whatever direction they may originate.  She is excited, passionate, and full of ZEST when it comes to receiving the privilege of seeing women thrive.  As the leader of Women’s Networks at prior jobs, alongside African American Affinity Networks and executive board positions within her local sorority chapter, to know that your leadership, coaching, and support has propelled a person, a group, and an organization, means to that Lolita is very well versed to start this movement!

Lolita’s Upcoming Events:

Just in time for Women’s Month in March… JOIN Lolita as she helps women through Visioning & Beyond.  Not just pretty pictures and quotes, she will take you beyond with mindfulness, guided visioning, a bonus workshop, sister circle, and more.

Services offered by Lolita | Walker & Walker Enterprises





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Here is a Snippet of the Online Interview with Lolita:

The Daily BOSS: What was your mission at the start? 

Lolita: “I was passionate at the start but didn’t really know where to start.  My vision of “how” I got to the end was shifting.  While Walker & Walker has always been about helping YOU thrive in the challenges of change, the shift to focus on women happened after I worked with a few clients, taking them through the program.  I found that though working with men still achieved the same end state, the work with a woman was more in depth, in tuned to where I found my “goosebumps” and where I could physically see those “aha” moments.  That’s when I knew that a focus on women is where my passion truly lay.” 

The Daily BOSS: Does your company help the community where it is located?

Lolita: ‘Yes, the beauty of this type of services-based business is that when I speak, do visioning & beyond classes,women’s retreats, etc., it helps not only the persons within it, but the results also have a trickle down effect to those that they are surrounded by…  Positivity and Confidence are contagious, and that is my goal as I look to broaden my women’s movement.”

Lolita’s Advice to Entrepreneurs…

“Believe in your strengths and where you find passion.  There will be so much advise coming from you from friends, family, and experts, however hold fast in YOU.  Take your moments to breathe, affirm your strengths, identify an accountability partner, write out a plan, and reflect.  Once you are grounded, you can then, and only then, begin to slowly sift in the input of others.” ~ Lolita E. Walker

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Here’s how to Connect with Lolita:



*Feature written to Empower others, Inspire others, & Network with other women and Celebrate the Amazing & Talented work of  Lolita E. Walker|Walker & Walker Enterprises, LLC *** 


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