The “BOSS Made Successful” Women’s Spotlight: Wanikka Vance


The “BOSS Made Successful” Women’s Spotlight: Wanikka Vance 

Foundations 4 adVANCEment | A Non Profit private Early Childhood Academy

Wanikka’s Amazing Mission from the Beginning: From the start her mission was to help families build legacies of excellence, and to help primary students build and educational foundation that would allow them to compete academically with anyone.

What is unique about The Foundations 4 adVANCEment? Preparing students for college as early as age 3 by providing them with exposure. Students attend college visits, take financial literacy classes, coding and computer programming classes. Children are  provided with curriculum materials that ensure that they are at least 1 grade level above their current grade.


The Foundations 4 adVANCEment has several components:

  • Foundations 4 adVANCEment: An early childhood academy which services children ages 3-6. We believe in educating the whole child while helping families to begin building legacies of excellence. Our students are exposed to college, careers, entrepreneurship, computer science, financial literacy and much more.
  • AdVANCEment Learning: Our children’s curriculum publishing company. We create an hands on learning curriculum called EXPLORATIONS Learn as you Play which ensures that students are one to two grade levels above their current grade. We also create children’s reading books.
  • AdVANCEd Clark Parent Resource Center: Provides parents with training classes and new and used resources to help assist their children throughout their learning process.
  • AlphaVANCE Tutor Spa: A tutoring spa which provides students with one on one tutoring sessions with a twist. Our model is look good, feel good, do good



What service(s) or product(s) do you offered with

Early Childhood Academy 


Parent resource center 

Children curriculum | Manipulatives

Children’s Reading Books





Here’ A Snippet of The Online Interview with Wanikka:

The Daily BOSS: How did you get your idea or concept for the business? Wanikka: I worked as a public school teacher for 10 years and wasn’t pleased with the education I saw the students receiving and wanted to provide students with the opportunity to build a strong educational foundation, while exposing the students and their families to different opportunities. 

The Daily BOSS: Do you work locally or nationally? Wanikka: I currently work locally but plan to extend to nationally and internationally 

The Daily BOSS: What made you choose this type of business? Wanikka: My love for educating children and impacting the future.

The Daily BOSS: What do you look for in an employee? Wanikka Someone who is passionate about educating children, has a love for what they do, someone with integrity and great morals, who believes in family.

Community work: provides several workshops, free learning materials, and classes. 

f4advancement Staff & Team: currently has a staff|team of 5 wonderful employees.


Wanikka Gives Advice to New Entrepreneurs:

“Always follow your passion. Don’t be afraid to change your plan in the middle. In all things have integrity. Know your worth!”

Contact info for f4advancement:

Instagram- f4advance
***Feature written to Empower others, Inspire others, & Network with other women and Celebrate the Amazing & Talented work of Wanikka Vance & f4advancement*** 


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