The “BOSS Made Successful” Women’s Spotlight: Lady Harris


The “BOSS Made Successful” Women’s Spotlight:



Lady Harris is the Creator of JCI Legacy Dance Program. The Program Mission is: to provide a structured, challenging and nurturing environment where dance fundamentals, life skills, and hard work will build self-confidence and character in our young women. JCI strives to create the challenge to encourage our young women to reach their full potential personally, creatively and professionally.

What’s Unique about JCI Legacy? Is not a traditional Dance program. JCI Legacy offers a variety of arts that include: dance, art, & yoga with Hip hop, ballet, Majorette, yoga, Improv, Modeling, Arts and Theater.


Community Work: work with teens to discover their talents, natural gifts, and gain self-confidence.


Staff & Team: has a total of (4) staff|team that love what they do within the JCI Legacy Dance Program.


Here’ A Snippet of The Online Interview with Lady:

The Daily BOSS: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Lady Harris: I noticed a lot of teens getting into trouble, pregnant or struggling with depression. I wanted to give these girls an outlet to express themselves creatively while learning to love themselves. 

The Daily BOSS: What was your mission at the start? Lady Harris: To provide low income families with a traditional dance program minus traditional dance fees.

The Daily BOSS: What made you choose this type of business?

Lady Harris: I’ve always been drawn to Dance and theater… while learning and performing I feel light, all of the stress of the day is gone. It’s relaxing and satisfying. 




Lady Harris Gives Advice to New Entrepreneurs:

“My advise would be to trust the process. Save your money for a couple of years before you launch your idea. While saving, map out your budget, and stick to it! Keep your ideas to yourself; everyone isn’t ready for your plan, and will deter you from it. It will not be easy but it will be worth it”. ~~Lady Harris


CONTACT LADY HARRIS & JCI Legacy Dance Program

@jcilegacy1 Instagram |JCI Legacy Facebook


**Feature written to Empower others, Inspire others, & Network with other women and Celebrate the Amazing & Talented work of JCI Legacy Dance Program*** 



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