The Daily “BOSS Made Successful” Entrepreneurial Women’s Spotlight: Norma Groves McElroy|Norma’s Bath & Body

The Daily “BOSS Made Successful” Entrepreneurial Women’s Spotlight:

Norma Groves McElroy|Norma’s Bath & Body

Norma Groves McElroy |Norma’s Bath & Body

About Norma’s Concept:
Getting into Soap making wasn’t something that was Planned for Norma’s Bath. But since everything happens for a reason, Making bath and body products is a wonderful experience, and she dived into Soap making! Norma is self taught with Amazing Talents & Gifts and was impressed with all her research and she created the name: Norma’s Bath and Body in 2004.


About Norma’s Brand: Luscious and Addictive bath and body products! It’s Fruity, Handmade, and Unique. 

Norma’s Bath offers a wide and delectable looking Bath soaps, lotions, gift baskets, bath salts and more. All handmade with love. Made fresh!

***Norma’s Ships around all around the USA.

About The Products: You’ll love how these products will feel on your skin.  The product are from creamy glycerin soaps to thick lovely lotions that’s are just amazing like a yogurt for the body. The products are silken for all skin types.

Norma’s also designs a wide variety of products from Ice Cream Soaps to Cupcake Soaps for Kids to Gift baskets, Bath salts, and more!

***Norma’s Welcomes bulk wholesale orders***


Here’s A Snippet of The Daily BOSS Online Interview with Norma’s:

The Daily BOSS:What is unique about your business? Norma: For me I would say it’s hard to go into a retail store and find lemon pound cake soap, or lotion. It would be hard to walk into a retail store and find Orange Sherbet bath gel! Norma’s Bath and Body carries a lot of unique and Delectable fragrances that I promise, you will love and enjoy!

The Daily BOSS: Do you work locally or nationally? Norma: I currently Do my Business Locally and USA only.

The Daily BOSS: Does your company help the community where it is located?       Norma: Yes! I do what I can to donate to shelters etc when I see the need.

The Daily BOSS: If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be? Norma: You must first believe in YOURSELF. then others will. Breathe.. and do your research about what you want your Business to be… research on everything pertaining to Business!

Here are Norma’s Key Points of Advice:

  • Don’t dive into doing everything at once & don’t be overwhelmed…because there will be many times you will be… but take a break and brainstorm.
  • Do one thing at a time, one step at a time, success will come! But you will first face many challenges before Success!
  • You will get discouraged, the road will be long, but I’ve been doing what I do for 14 years this February… Praise the Lord!
  • If I can do this… you can too!

Norma Writes: Pray your way through it, research, & research some more… then go for it! YOU can do it! I got your back!


3 body sprays5.jpg


Contact Norma’s Bath & Body:

**Feature written to Empower others, Inspire others, & Network with other women and Celebrate the Amazing & Talented work of Norma’s Bath *** 

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