This Week’s Daily BOSS Spotlight:Rejae H.


This Week’s Daily BOSS Spotlight: Rejae H.

 Stylist | Boss MOM |Model |Brand Ambassador

Rejae writes

Life is about opportunities, living to the fullest, and taking chances and work hard in wherever your passion and dreams direct your path.

My daily Style is a combination of trendy glam|casual classy… and I love blending textures, prints, bold colors, and classic accessories.

What matters to me most is my health, giving my children a wonderful foundation & jump start to life, taking in every possible area of knowledge + education that will empower me as Daily BOSS while embracing my inheritance from a generation of amazing women.

As a Mom, my children are my strength and every move I make is about providing examples of what it takes to be determined, focused, faithful, positive, and joyful throughout life no matter what situations bring.

My Career Goals as a Daily BOSS is to be a full-time entrepreneur with my short-term goal to work as a Brand Ambassador + Online Fashion Model …  to the fashion brands out there…that’s a plug, HELLO! 

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